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Woodrocket – an apparently racist porn studio afraid to cast blacks for obviously black parody roles

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Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Well, I suppose the porn industry has officially returned to the pre-civil rights days of vaudville "Blackface" minstrel shows. A relatively new Las Vegas, NV porn studio by the name of Woodrocket, which is touted ironically as being "the future of porn," recently wrapped up shooting on an adult parody based on the cartoon / animated series "Archer".  Generally directors of porn parodies nowadays do their best to cast pornstars who look as close to the characters they're mimicking as possible. For example, Axel Braun recently wrapped up shooting on an adult parody of Barbarella. He cast a pornstar who could essentially be the  twin of the actress (Jane Fonda) who starred in the original movie.

As many of you who follow my work know, along with being a webcam model, porn industry commentator and blogger, I'm also an animator who has created several cartoon parodies about the porn industry.  Therefor, I have quite a bit of respect for the adult animated television series "Archer". I know more so than most exactly how much time, energy and effort goes into writing, creating and producing such a project.  I'm also very aware of how much DETAIL animators of works such as "Archer" put into the character history, development and appearance - which brings me to my point...
Jane Fona (left), Riley Steele (right)

For a reason I can only view as being blatant RACISM & DISCRIMINATION, the porn studio Woodrocket cast a WHITE WOMAN as the "Archer" character Lana Kane - a character who is OBVIOUSLY BLACK (and who's voice is that of a BLACK actress by the name of Aisha Tyler).

Considering how many Black and multi-racial (meaning part Black) porn actresses are available for work (such as Misty Stone, Skin Diamond, Bethany Benz, etc), WHY would Woodrocket opt not to cast a woman to play the character of Lana Kane who ACTUALLY LOOKS AT LEAST REMOTELY like her?

Lana Kane - a character obviously based on the Black actress
Aisha Tyler
Well, I have a theory as to why...

The pornographic industry has been racist towards Blacks for many years now... not because Black women in porn don't "sell" (Black pornstars are extremely marketable), but because the producers of pornography utilize Blacks as a sort of "control" mechanism to keep White performers (who make up the majority of the talent pool) in line.

Lana Kane - obviously Black
The porn industry's hierarchical system is set up to where White pornstars have been indoctrinated to believe that performing on camera with a Black person "devalues" them.  Many White pornstars view participating in an "interracial" scene as a "last resort" when studio stop consistently hiring them.  A few White pornstars perceive working with a Black pornstar as a sort of "punishment". Several White pornstars who also work as both legal and illegal prostitutes will see Black clients privately (and of course gladly accept their money) but refuse to be filmed on camera having sex with a Black person.

In addition, many pornography producers are under the false belief that through racial segregation and only allowing a very small number of Blacks into the active pornstar talent pool , they can lessen the risk of HIV infiltrating the "straight sex" talent pool.  True, Black women are one of the fastest growing groups in America becoming infected with HIV - however the amount of Gay men in the world with HIV is large as well.  As of current there are more active White Gay men in the "straight" pornstar talent pool (they are called "Crossover" pornstars") than there are Black porntstars.

The character of Lana Kane on Archer is CLEARLY Black[/caption] Considering that advocates for the workplace health and safety of pornstars, such as Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation, have made it very clear that all pornstars should be utilizing condoms in adult filming to begin with, whether a pornstar is Black, White or Gay shouldn't be a factor.  The "segregation" method the porn industry has utilized for years in attempt to combat HIV is simply ridiculous and now more than ever is an obvious and clear instance of Discrimination and a violation of Civil Rights.

The young woman who was cast to play Lana Kane in the Woodrocket porn parody of "Archer" is a  WHITE Portuguese (of European decent) woman by the name of Christina Parreira (aka Kora aka Princess Kora aka Gabriella Stone aka Goddess Vienna).  As of recent Christina has become a "hot topic" in the porn industry blogosphere due to being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her abusive husband (who's also a known stalker of current and ex pornstars) Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre.  In addition Christina has threatened in the past to commit suicide on twitter shortly after being dropped off at a legal Nevada brothel (by her husband) to work as a prostitute (as of current she appears to work outside of the brothel system as Goddess Vienna).

Christina (the White woman cast as Lana Kane) and her
abusive husband Ari Scott Bass (a White Jewish man)
What's interesting about Christina Parreira being cast to play Lana Kane is that she honestly looks absolutely NOTHING like the cartoon character. Physically she lacks Lana's tall athletic build, and Christina in no way, shape or form appears Black / African-American AT ALL.  In fact, Christina has written on one of her own blog posts "I look white" (view a screencap of her blog at the bottom of this post).

I believe the ONLY reason Christina Parreira was cast as Lana was to draw more White male clients (who fantasize about being super spy Archer) to the legal brothel where she most likely will be returning to work soon as a prostitute.  Essentially by transforming Christina Parreira from a WHITE legal prostitute into a BLACK character (who many White men lust after), she has expanded her fan base and will increase her earnings substantially. In other words - Christina Parreira is a far more marketable prostitute as a Black girl, than a White girl.

In addition, as of current the porn industry's political front (the Free Speech Coalition) does not have even ONE Black spokesperson. Being that her abusive husband JUST HAPPENS to be a very verbal advocate for the Free Speech Coalition, perhaps someone has the idea of passing Christina Parreira off to the public (in time) as a "Black" sexworker advocate.

This is a fantasy many male fans of Archer
would be willing to pay a prostitute for -
especially a prostitute who played Lana Kane
 in an Archer porn parody.
A major reason why the pornographic industry produces parodies ties into the organized crime attached prostitution rings. Ever since movies and television shows have been produced, men all over the world have fantasized about having sex with their favorite mainstream actresses. Pimps who control prostitutes realize this fact, so what better way to capitalize off of such men than to pass off their "merchandise" (the prostitute) as "the next best thing". As of current some of the highest earning pornstars who also escort are the same pornstars who have been cast in the most popular porn parodies.

A quick glance through websites that feature pornstars available to the public as escorts will prove my point. For example, the well known pornstar Kacey Jordan (who's been known to escort) caught up in the Charlie Sheen pornstar & drug use media frenzy played Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen's character) in the Brady Bunch porn parodies. Another very well known pornstar known to escort by the name of Misty Stone who I mentioned earlier in this article played Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet's character) in the Bill Cosby porn parody. Even I (when I was an active pornstar) played one of the most popular female television characters of all time - Clair Huxtable (in the same Bill Cosby porn parody as Misty Stone). As a live webcam model today, I can tell you first hand that men all over the world have had fantasies about spending a night with the actress who played Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad).

The more popular of a television show or movie a pornstar plays a role in a parody version of the show or movie is, the more popular that pornstar will be in the illegal (or legal) prostitution marketplace. Pornographic parodies are not just "commercials" for pornstars...they are the most effective way to increase a prostitute's value and an ingenious way to introduce that pornstar to an entirely new audience who may have never heard of her (or even thought to hire a prostitute to fulfill their sexual fantasy).

I have a feeling the in the near future many White pornstars will be cast as Blacks in porn movies due to both the racist and discriminatory mentality of porn producers and due to the increasing number of White men who frequent Black (or what they perceive to be Black) prostitutes.  I truly am disappointed in this instance of a virtual Blackface minstrel vaudville show that I'm witnessing in full effect... However honestly, I'm not surprised in the least considering everything I've learned about the individuals who make up the porn "industry".

Christina Parreira writes on her own blog about being white. Why would she suddenly decide to try to pass as Black? For money, status or another reason?

Listen to this interview featuring Aisha Tyler about the character of Lana Kane on Archer to learn exactly how disturbing that it is that a White girl was chosen to play the character (which was most likely primarily in effort to market her as a Black prostitute to White male fans of Archer).